We have developed a range of heat to eat sandwiches that are freeze and thaw stable. This frozen sandwich range allows for long term storage of product at difficult to reach sites that are not able to receive regular deliveries. It provides a hot eat sandwich offer, which is not limited by short shelf life, so can enable better management of stock and provide a backup option to a fresh range, in case of an unexpected increase in customer demand. In addition, these frozen sandwiches allow sites to offer a larger range whilst minimising risk of wastage on slower selling lines.

The ingredients used in our frozen sandwich range are of the same quality we use in our fresh range and adhere to FSC’s brand standards. The frozen products, which can be cooked from frozen, once heated provide the same quality as fresh ranges.

We can provide advice to assist you with the operational management of a frozen sandwich range, including defrosting guidance and stock control management procedures once defrosted.