These savoury pastries can be offered at different meal times or throughout the day, as an all day snack. They are designed to be offered hot and ready to eat, suitable for people ‘on-the-go’. Impulse purchases are likely as the bake off aroma is irresistible. 
The pastries are supplied frozen, allowing for the best baking results, with products remaining moist for longer, when hot holding. With using frozen product, this also allows for easier stock management. To offer this product you would need to have a freezer, an oven and a hot holding cabinet. If you do not have a freezer we can provide this product chilled. The chilled product comes ready cooked, which can therefore be sold chilled as well as hot.
 The pastries are supplied in bulk, in a carton designed to fit neatly in a standard freezer shelf. The boxes are labelled for operational ease. We can manage the full ingredient information required for your ‘Point of Sale’, as well as assistance with its design. Any packaging required to offer the products in are also available through us – branded to your requirements.