Recipes have been developed to fulfil the breakfast, lunch and dinner time menus. Appealing to male and female consumers, they can be consumed on the move; recipes and packaging developed with this in mind. Toasties can also work very well in eat in establishments, working particularly well in cafes and coffee shops.
Chilled storage and a Panini grill are required. A chilled display cabinet is optional. A very low skill set is needed. Panini grills can operate on a timer allowing for staff to do other duties whilst the toastie is being grilled. Toasties take about 2 minutes to grill through. They can either be merchandised in a display chiller, or they can be marketed on advertising materials.
Product comes fully packaged with labelling – the designs can be elaborate if required for customer facing, or simple keeping costs down if it does not need to be displayed. Branded silicone paper that can be used to grill and serve the product, this can be arranged through us.