The pasties are designed to be hot held, ready to serve, suitable for a convenience retail outlet or within a bakery or a café environment. The pasties can be offered eat-in or take-away. When baking in-house the aroma produced can promote sales. You can purchase the product as chilled or frozen, dependant on your style of operation and the equipment you have available. The frozen option allows for a longer shelf life and hence control of waste, the chilled can be baked off in less time and it can also be offered for sale as a chilled item. 

To offer the pasty range you will need to have some storage, a freezer or a fridge, as well as an oven to bake them off in. If you are looking to sell them hot, a hot food display cabinet is also required. You can display the product out of packaging with bags and tongs on the side – this maximises the visibility of the product on offer. Alternatively they can be displayed individually wrapped.

For operational ease, allowing for mixed batches to be baked together, the pasties have markings to identify the various flavours.

We can assist you with designing and supplying, bags for serving the pasty in. If selling chilled we can also supply the pasties in full packaging with all labelling requirements, these can be tailored to your branding needs.