The sausage rolls are a suitable offer for breakfast, lunch and as an anytime snack. Appealing mainly to the male manual worker, but also a convenient snack for anybody whilst out and about, since the sausage rolls can be easily held in one hand. The sausage rolls would sell well in convenience retail outlets, forecourts or coffee shop type outlets.
Sausage Rolls for selling hot and ready to eat, are best bought as a frozen product. The product cooks well from frozen, and stock control is more manageable with less waste. You will require a freezer to store the sausage rolls in and an oven for baking them off. If you do not have a freezer, we can also supply the sausage rolls, chilled.
The frozen sausage rolls come bulk packaged, in a box that’s designed to fit into a standard freezer shelf. The boxes are fully labelled for ease of identification. We can provide ‘Point of Sale’ nutritional information, as well as assistance with suitable marketing materials. Additionally bespoke branded packaging can be supplied for the sausage rolls to be served or displayed in.