These cookies are a great impulse purchase and till side rouse. The cookies will appeal to both sexes and all ages. They can be marketed throughout the day and are a fabulous complimentary to coffee or tea. Suitable for sale in any retail outlet with the ability to store frozen and oven bake. Very low skill levels required. Best sales will be achieved at establishments which can offer hot beverages.
Frozen storage and an oven is required to offer the cookies. Once baked the cookies can be displayed in ambient conditions. The bake off aroma is a fabulous enticer, baking little and often is ideal for promoting sales.
The product is delivered in an outer box, that fits neatly directly into a freezer. After baking the cookies can be offered for sale naked or in different packaging. We can provide a range to choose from as well as bags for selling individual naked product. We can also manage the ingredient declarations and assist with Point Of Sale information and designs.