This is a big eat to satisfy the largest of appetites. The offer can be provided throughout the day with breakfast being the prime spot. Suitable for sale in any grab and go style retail outlet. The product can either be heated to order in a short time OR they can be hot held and ready to go. This product appeals mostly to the male manual worker. It is a convenient eat that can be held in one hand. 
The product is delivered chilled and can be either grilled to order or baked and hot held. A fridge and grill or oven and hot display cabinet are required. With the grill to serve offer you can display the pre grilled muffins in a chilled display cabinet .
Muffins are supplied in cartons that are suitable for baking and hot holding in. The cartons can be branded to your needs. If you intend to grill the product you will not need the carton, but you will need a baking sheet which the product can be both grilled and served within. Product nutritionals are available for use on point of sale materials. We can assist you with designing point of sale and other marketing materials.